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Team Dynamics

Turn individual results into team insights

Team Dynamics is the key to understanding how personality drives team success. Integrated seamlessly into the assessment platform, it empowers both leaders and team members to explore how their personality impacts performance. 


visualize five team competencies






A living team mirror: powered by the Work Personality Index®

Analyze group data in key areas such as change management, communication style, conflict, problem-solving and teamwork. Team members and managers can visualize how their style compares to the group at large and learn about strengths and challenges. 

Every manager can instantly understand their team’s unique talents and receive feedback to coach their team to success.   

Team Dynamics, combines assessment results from the 21 traits measured by the Work Personality Index and displays them as team aggregate data. The graphical interface delivers insights that are simple and easy to understand

why choose team dynamics?


Quickly see the makeup of a team.

Real-time Data

Group recommendations and analytics.


Easily add or remove members.


Democratize development for all teams.

Personalized Results

Team members see their own scores.

Actionable Insights

Target key development areas.

How it works

Team Dynamics is available at no cost through the assessment platformOnce candidates or employees have reports generated for Work Personality Index they can be added to a Team Dynamics group. There are no additional fees to access group data insights! 

  • Assessment

    It all begins with individual assessments using the Work Personality Index. This comprehensive assessment paints a vivid picture of each team member's personality traits.

  • Team Formation

    Effortlessly add members to a Team Dynamics group.

  • Visual Insights

    Individual personality data is transformed into visual insights. Intuitive charts and elements offer a clear view of a team, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Actionable Recommendations

    Powered by scientific algorithms, Team Dynamics identifies five team competencies crucial for success.

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