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    Dec 01, 2017    |   Camille Labrie

Christmas With Personality

Day 1 – Gift Giving by MBTI Type

Find the perfect gift by MBTI type 

Day 2 – What is Your MBTI Type Holiday?

Are you planning a trip over the holidays? Take a look at the breakdown of the ideal holiday for each MBTI type.

Find out your perfect trip

Day 3 – Your Type of Christmas

Which preferences are more likely to send Christmas cards? When are different preferences likely to do their Christmas shopping? Find out in this Christmas survey from our partners at OPP, Ltd.

Click the link to see

Day 4 – Gift Buying by MBTI Type

Now that you know what to buy based on your recipient`s MBTI type (see day 1), find out how you can best finish your holiday shopping this year based on your MBTI type.


Day 5 – A Guide to the Office Party

We all know that extraverts and introverts are different — especially when it comes to parties. Luckily, we have a survival guide with Do`s and Don`ts for both preferences!


Day 6 – Happy Holiday Relationships

It is inevitable that you`ll be spending time with people over the holidays. Almost as inevitable is not seeing totally eye-to-eye with these people. Follow the link below for tips on avoiding conflict to keep you happy throughout the holidays.


Day 7 – Holiday Stressors

Stress is virtually unavoidable over the holiday season. However, knowing what might set you off can be a good way to help you minimize its impact. Find out common stressors for each MBTI preference by clicking the link below.


Day 8 – Holiday Recipes by Type

Baking can be a dreaded chore for some and a welcome treat for others. To help make it more of the latter, we`ve designed two recipes: one for the Sensors, and one for the Intuitives.

And, if you do decide to make one of these delicious treats, share a picture with us on social media and let us know how it went!


Day 9 – What is Your MBTI Type Drink?

Find out which drink best exemplifies the characteristics of your MBTI type — from a warming mug of cocoa to a 15-year-old malt whiskey.


Day 10 – Christmas and Personality Type

How does your personality type influence your favourite Christmas activities? Find out with the results from our survey on MBTI type and Christmas.


Day 11 – Which Christmas Movie Character Are You?

One of the best parts of the holiday season is all the Christmas-themed movies! We`ve used this love of film to create a list of each MBTI type and their corresponding Christmas movie character. Which one represents your type?


Day 12 – A Gift For Yourself

Now that we`ve covered buying gifts for others and how to survive the Christmas shopping experience, what about a little something for yourself?


Day 13 – Remedies for Holiday Stress

We’ve already covered the different things that can stress out different MBTI types, so now we have stress remedies for each type!

Day 14 – Dinner Parties by Type

You will likely be attending a number of dinner parties over the holiday season, but you might also find yourself hosting one.
In order for everyone to enjoy themselves, you need to consider what each MBTI® preference prefers at a party.

Day 15 – The Perfect Holiday Evening: Christmas Movies

One post about Christmas movies wasn’t enough, so we made a second one! (See day #11 for the Christmas movie character that represents your MBTI type.)


Day 16 – Your Type of Santa

Find out which type of Santa represents your MBTI type.


Day 17 – Christmas Spirit and MBTI Type

Does personality type influence what triggers our Christmas spirit?


Day 18 – MBTI Type Toques

Since it’s the coldest time of the year right now, we decided to put something together to keep you warm.
We’ve taken the toque, a Canadian staple, and infused it with MBTI insights.

Day 19 – MBTI Stress Toques

Just in case you’re still feeling a little chilly, we’ve got another set of MBTI toques for you today.
However, today’s toques are our MBTI Stress toques, which give specific information about stressors for each MBTI type.


Day 20 – Travelling to Visit Family

Traveling over the holidays is all too common, and it can be a stressful event; but it doesn’t have to be!

Day 21 – Travelling to Visit Family (Part 2)

Yesterday, we gave you tips on holiday travel and visiting family for Extraverts and Introverts.
Today, we have tips for Thinkers and Feelers on optimizing their travel and family time over the break.

Day 22 – Relax and Rejuvenate During the Holidays

As the last working day before the holiday break, today is a great day to look at tips for relaxing and rejuvenating over the break.
With specific tips for all 16 MBTI types, today’s resource is sure to help you relax and be recharged for your inevitable return to work.

Day 23 – New Year’s Resolution by Type

It’s the time of year when people start thinking of their New Year’s Resolution.
In case you’re having a hard time coming up with yours this year, we’ve put together a list of Resolutions by MBTI type.

Day 24 – A gift for Ruby

Merry Christmas Eve!

With Christmas upon us, our resource today is an interactive MBTI-themed holiday video.
Make decisions based on type and alter the video’s outcome!

Click here to watch!

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