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The world’s most trusted and widely used personality assessment, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) continues to be the leading choice of businesses—including many of the Fortune 500—for developing a high performance workforce. A versatile tool, the MBTI assessment provides individuals with greater understanding of their own and others’ personality preferences. With more than 2 million assessments administered annually, the MBTI tool is the right choice for building more successful teams, improving communication and productivity, managing conflict, developing effective leaders and guiding careers.


Individuals who are Myers-Briggs Certified have been taught to professionally and ethically administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. They have completed and passed the international standard for MBTI Training. In Canada this training is exclusively provided by Psychometrics Canada.

MBTI Certified practitioners are trained in

Effectively using the MBTI Assessment

  • Appropriately and ethically using the instrument.
  • Explaining psychometric aspects of the instrument.
  • Possess a thorough understanding of type theory, type dynamics, and instrument validity and reliability.

Introducing Type Concepts to Teams and Workgroups

  • Running activities with teams.
  • Defining the MBTI dichotomies.
  • Verifying type.
  • Explaining the differences between trait and type instruments.

Using the MBTI Instrument for Individual and Leadership Development

  • Working with clients and interpreting results.
  • Identifying strengths and potential blind spots.
  • Using Type to help clients deal with stress.
  • Using Type to explore and improve individual’s leadership styles.
  • Utilizing Type dynamics and Type development to create individual development plans.

Using the MBTI Instrument for Team Building, Conflict Management and Career Guidance

  • Illustrating differences among teams.
  • Teaching individual’s ways to communicate better with people of different Type preferences.
  • Demonstrating ways to manage conflict using Type.
  • Helping others find satisfying work that fits their personality type.



  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Training and organizational development specialists
  • Career counselors
  • Line managers
  • Others responsible for developing human capital