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strong interest inventory® certification program

learn to use the world’s best-researched measure of occupational interests

The world’s most trusted and widely used career planning tool, the Strong Interest Inventory®, continues to be the leading choice for career practitioners in helping people in their search for rich and fulfilling careers. For over 80 years, the Strong has helped people from high school and college students to mid-career individuals seeking change.

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strong certified practitioners are trained to:

  • Work with clients and interpret reports.
  • Provide insight into client’s interests, preferences and personal styles.
  • Conduct both individual and group interpretations.
  • Present job search strategies and point out barriers.
  • Communicate work style and learning environment preferences, risk taking, and leadership orientation.
  • Open up narrow interests or focus on broad interests.
  • Confidently support people in career development discussions and career planning.

Participants gain the skills necessary to:

  • Appropriately and ethically apply the assessment results.
  • Explain psychometric aspects of the instrument.
  • Thoroughly understand Holland’s RIASEC theory of personality and work environments.
  • Solve interpretation issues and inconsistent codes.
  • Use the instrument in diverse cultural applications.

“I have learned about the Strong Interest Inventory for a long time and had good context of it, but there is so much detail and nuance that goes along with each section that makes an interpretation so much richer. Students are coming to me to be an expert, not just someone that hands them a packet of paper and asks them how they feel about it. I feel much more confident in my career assessment abilities now.”

School Career Counselor 

“The Strong Interest Inventory is an amazing tool, and it is something I have been looking for. The Certification Program was great from start to finish and equipped me with the knowledge and skill to provide significant value to future clients.”

Corporate Coach

“I would recommend this program to others, and already have, because I believe having this certification raises my credibility in my career of human resources development and since I frequently help my peers write their resumes, cover letters, and letters of intent, I can now administer the assessment before I start that process. It is a tool that is very useful in optimizing your career coaching skills.”

Self-employed HR Professional

strong Certification participants receive

Program investment and registration

Virtual program

Program Investment – $1,695

For individuals and groups, public Strong certification programs are delivered virtually throughout the year.

May 14-15, 2024

sELF-dIRECTED online learning 

Program Investment – $1,845

This self-directed program gives you the flexibility to complete the program at your own pace over a 60-day period. You will receive individualized instruction.

Flexible start date

Train your Group


If you have ten or more people at your organization wanting to become Strong certified, we can deliver virtual or onsite certification training for your group.

canada job grant

Psychometrics Canada’s MBTI® Certification Program and the Strong Interest Inventory Online Certification Program are eligible for grant funding. This means that 2/3 of your tuition and book fees can qualify for reimbursement.