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“[The MBTI assessment] makes people more cognizant of differences between them, and of the value of those differences,”

Ian Harris, Senior Executive Coach with Ricoh


“The MBTI assessment is simple to administer and easy to understand. It takes half an hour to learn about your type, and you can start using [that knowledge] within the next two hours.”

Peter Neufeld MS, MBA, Husky Injections Molding Systems


“[The MBTI assessment] helps people understand each other better because it normalizes people’s preferences—when you can attribute differences to a type, rather than to a person, it helps people accept difference.”

Peter Neufeld MS, MBA, Husky Injections Molding Systems


“Using the MBTI® instrument has been a great resource in building formal and informal Teams. The instrument has also been a catalyst for learning within the organization, a coaching tool, and a problem solving tool for work groups.”

Pat Jones, Program Coordinator for Organizational Learning and Development. Interior Health of BC


“I picked the MBTI tool because it enables people to understand their own styles, how they lead their day-to-day activities, and how that affects the group. It brings out the soft-skills side that you need along with the mechanical process side if you want a group to be very good at delivering exceptional results.”

Diane Larouche, Change Manager, Molson


“The [MBTI] Work Styles Report, with its emphasis on balancing two different but equal styles, is useful for mentors and partners forging new relationships: It helps them work through the ‘storming’ stage of becoming a two-person team.”

Wendy Reukema, Manager, Organizational Effectiveness, Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development


Specific MBTI reports

“The [MBTI] Step II tool validates growth that has already happened, and allows me to coach to [the client’s] style. It helps with building the solid foundational relationship before the coaching relationship, and the trust you need to enable speed of progress.”

Laurie Hillis, Consultant, Executive Coach and Learning Facilitator, Megatrain Inc


“One of the greatest tools that I have found to take people’s blinders off is the MBTI® Career Report; it creates a new awareness of what they really enjoy doing and what kind of environments they would thrive in.”

Cheryl Bakke Martin, President, Inspirations Unlimited, Career Counselling


“The MBTI Personal Impact Report is well received by leaders for its comprehensive overview. It contributes to their understanding of type, preferences and leadership style. The tips, potential blind spots, and suggested remedies, are stated in a way that nicely guides reflection and personal development, strengthening leadership.”

Mary Nagle, M.Ed. Director, Organizational Development and Workforce Planning Human Resources, Mount Sinai Hospital – Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Health Complex


“[The Myers-Briggs assessment has helped us increase] awareness of different work styles and build a common language [among employees].”

Lori Costew, Manager, Organizational Development, Ford Motor Company


“When used as professional development tool for leaders, the impact of the MBTI® assessment is visible almost immediately. Just the self-awareness it brings is powerful. When used with teams, it is a great first step in improving communication, establishing mutual respect between team members, and much more.”

Donna Draper, Vice President, HR, IDE Management Group


“Using Myers-Briggs assessment as a tool allows clients to connect with and manage their true “self” and bring their gifts, talents and abilities to the organization and their families and communities.”

Cherise Myers, HR Manager, New York City Transit Authority


Work Personality Index®

“The Work Personality Index assessment is clear, it follows a logical progression and it puts a lot of learning in a small package. It gives a good indication of personal style, likely strengths and competencies to improve—and actions to build on those competencies.”

Fred Jacques, PHD, Organizational Development Consultant


“The [HR Managers] all agreed that the Work Personality Index® assessment measures the core competencies that our organization has identified. The results match our approach in training, performance appraisal and progress through rank. I will continue to use the Work Personality Index tool.”

Marylse Lavigne, Manager, Training & Development, Human Resource Services, University of Ottawa


“The Work Personality Index® assessment is driven by actual business needs and shaped by industry itself. It gives a sound basis for evaluating at the individual level and at the industry level.”

Gerard Ferrara, Corporate Psychologist who runs Johari Management Consulting


Strong Interest Inventory

“The Strong instrument’s reliability and proven track record were reasons for [us choosing to us it], along with its suitability for the students.”

Patricia Calyniuk, BA, B.Ed., BSW, MSW, RSW, Co-ordinator of the VIBE program (Vermillion is Being Empowered)



“The TKI positions conflict in terms of self-awareness, so people understand their own tendencies for handling conflict. It helps them realize that there are choices in dealing with conflict—not better or worse, but more or less effective in various situations—and that there are consequences of choosing each mode. What opportunities exist for them to use other modes in a strategic way?”

Mark Barry, Vice President of Human Resources, Earls Restaurants


“The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument is easy to administer and understand, and that adds value to any team or organization.”

Vice President, HR, Small Business Professional Services Company


S&P 500 Retail Company Finds TKI a Great Starting Point for Better Conflict Management

“Yes, we’d recommend the Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode Instrument because it is a great starting point for understanding conflict, why it is important in an organization, and how to work through your natural preferences to get to better solutions.”

Director, Learning and Development, S&P 500 Retail Company


“The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument is a great tool to use in training and development with our members. It is simple and easy to understand, and integrates well when using in conjunction with MBTI® assessment. “

John Torres, Director, Leadership Development, American Farm Bureau Federation


Psychometrics General

“[The Leader Within] training program is cost-effective, and it allows senior executives to interact with up-and-coming managers in one place, rather than travelling to the different mine sites,”

Loretta Miiller, Director of Human Resources with Sherritt Coal