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firo-b® assessment


The FIRO-B® (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior) instrument helps individuals understand their behavior and the behavior of others. With the insights of an individual’s interpersonal needs it can help improve workplace interactions.

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the firo-b provides insights into interpersonal relationships

How they come across to others – and why this may not be the way they see themselves
How and why conflict develops between well-meaning people
How to understand their own needs as they interact with others
How to manage their own needs in most interpersonal interactions

what the firo-b measures

The FIRO-B tool examines three fundamental dimensions of interpersonal needs:


recognition, belonging, participation,
contact with others, and how you relate to groups


influence, leadership, responsibility, and decision
making you relate to groups


closeness, warmth, sensitivity, openness, and relating to others

The FIRO-B assessment also indicates preferences in regard to two distinct aspects of each of these needs areas:

expressed behaviour

  • How much does an individual prefer to initiate the behavior?
  • How does the individual behave with respect to the three fundamental interpersonal needs?
  • What is the individual’s comfort level engaging in the behaviors associated with the three needs?

wanted behaviour

  • How much does an individual prefer others to take the initiative?
  • How much does an individual want to be on the receiving end of those behaviors?
  • What is the individual’s comfort level when others direct their behaviors associated with the three needs to them?

uses of the firo-b assessment

leadership development

Help leaders and executives unlock improvement in performance by better meeting the needs of peers and subordinate.

team development

Can be integrated in team-building initiatives and communication workshops by increasing awareness that different people have different needs.

INDIVIDUAL development

Provides critical insights into how an individual’s need for inclusion, control and affection can shape their interaction with others.

getting started using the FIRO-B INSTRUMENT in your organization

The FIRO-B is a level B instrument, which means to access and administer this assessment you must be a trained and certified practitioner. Our qualification level requirements help ensure that each practitioner fully understands the best and most ethical way to administer, interpret and apply the FIRO-B assessment.

The FIRO-B® assessment is available to level B qualified Canadians only. 

We offer the FIRO Certification Program, that will qualify you in the professional and ethical administration of the FIRO assessments, and upon completion of the program you will become certified to administer the instrument and the reports. 


English and French


54 Items


15 mins.

administration: (online)

Mail-In Scoring (paper/pencil)

Self-Scorable (paper/pencil)

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ONline reports for firo-b

FIRO-B practitioner Resources

REsults using the FIRO-b

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