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Strong interest inventory

244 assessment

Introducing the Strong Interest Inventory 244 assessment, a highly anticipated new version of the Strong now available. This assessment is designed to be more inclusive and insightful for individuals exploring career pathways. A first for the Strong assessment, the Strong 244 is gender neutral, making it suitable for everyone. In addition, it provides exciting features such as academic major scores and respondents’ predicted satisfaction scores for majors and occupations, resulting in even more valuable information to help inform career decisions. 

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the world's most trusted and widely used career planning tool

The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment continues to be the leading choice for career practitioners in helping people in their search for rich and fulfilling careers.

Provides personalized career options

measures preferences in 30 professional fields

identifies careers that may never have been considered

Key highlights of the new Strong 244 assessment

Gender Neutral: No requirement to respond to the gender demographic item; no use of gender in scoring or interpretation of results 

Occupation Scores (new): Similarity scores indicate how similar the respondent’s interests are to those of people in 243 occupations, up from 130; satisfaction scores predict the likelihood of being satisfied or very satisfied in the same occupations 

Academic Major Scores (new): Numeric scores for academic majors for the first time; similarity scores indicate how similar the respondent’s interests are to those of people in 33 college majors; satisfaction scores predict the likelihood of being satisfied or very satisfied in the same majors 

Two New Basic Interest Scales: Hospitality & Tourism and Conservation & Environmentalism 

Shorter Assessment: 244 assessment items, shortened from 291 

Improved Consistency Index: Better detection of inconsistent or atypical assessment responses 

Along with the release of the Strong 244 assessment, practitioners can access the Strong 244 Career Satisfaction Report. This report provides respondents with their General Occupational Themes, Basic Interest Scales, and Personal Styles Scales, as well as similarity and predicted satisfaction scores for 243 occupations and 33 academic majors. It is a powerful tool to help individuals explore potential academic and career pathways. 


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REsults using the strong interest inventory

Using the Strong Interest Inventory® to motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Career Management Program at SaskPower uses the Strong Interest Inventory to help employees find new employment opportunities.

MBTI® and Strong assessments help Aboriginal student success at the University of Saskatchewan.

things to note for the 244 strong assessment

Please note that the Strong 244 assessment and the Strong 244 Career Satisfaction Report will be available in English only. The Strong 244 assessment does not replace the Strong assessment, and currently, the only report available to use with the Strong 244 assessment is the Strong 244 Career Satisfaction Report. All other Strong reports will continue to work with the Strong assessment only. Strong certification or educational eligibility is required to purchase the report. To learn more about the new assessment, there is a free online technical supplement available.