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    Jun 01, 2023    |   Camille Labrie

Conflict Resolution Skills: How to get the best of each of the five modes

Written by 
Justin M. Deonarine, I/O Psychologist 

Read time: 2 minutes  

Conflict resolution is a critical skill in the workplace, where differences in perspectives, goals, and approaches are bound to arise. Effectively managing conflicts is essential for maintaining a healthy and productive work environment. Understanding the five conflict modes and the associated skills can significantly enhance our ability to address workplace conflicts constructively. In the table below, we will dive into the skills that are associated with effective use of each conflict mode. By being aware of and honing these skills, it will become easier to prevent, manage and resolve conflict efficiently. 

Conflict Mode  Skills To Harness 
  • Knowing which issues can be avoided 
  • Willingness to allow issues to remain unresolved 
  • Ability to recognize when a discussion should be postponed, and willingness to re-engage 
  • Ability to recognize when it is someone else’s issue 
  • Willingness to be direct 
  • Comfort with not being involved and allowing others to resolve issues 
  • Willingness to explain your reasons so that you will not appear unresponsive 
  • Ability to debate issues 
  • Comfort influencing others 
  • Willingness to state opinions or views 
  • Ability to stand firm 
  • Ability to be tough-minded and resolute 
  • Ability to decide which issues are vital 
  • Ability to explain your motives 
  • Being comfortable with not “winning” all the time 
  • Listening 
  • Awareness of others’ needs 
  • Being respectful 
  • Comfort with taking a backseat 
  • Willingness to explain your position 
  • Ability to identify and suggest acceptable, middle-ground solutions 
  • Negotiating skills to keep the dialogue open 
  • Willingness to make concessions 
  • Use of inclusive language (e.g., we/us) 
  • Pragmatism, and avoiding extreme positions 
  • Willingness to explain what’s important to you 
  • Ability to objectively analyze information 
  • Willingness to share ideas 
  • Ability to listen to and empathize with others 
  • Ability to identify underlying concerns and root causes 
  • Ability to understand issues from different perspectives and generate multiple possibilities 
  • Ability to understand and build on others’ views 
  • Willingness to explain your ideas and viewpoint 

Workplace conflict presents opportunities for growth and innovation when approached correctly. By utilizing the insights above, you can find ideal solutions to disagreements and harness the benefits that come with effective conflict management, such as improved relationships. 

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