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The Great Resignation

Leadership capabilities are key

The Great Resignation. It sounds very ominous, and our analysis shows that if organizations are going to address it well, leadership assessment is a critical area of focus.

Good leaders understand that in order to change their current attrition levels, they need to lead more effectively and value employees. 

This report provides insights on:
  • Why people are quitting
  • Why leaders think employees are quitting
  • How talent assessment can help leaders be more effective

Assessments to help you navigate your organization's critical people challenges

Psychometrics 360

Psychometrics 360 Leadership

Psychometrics 360 measures current behaviours, and allows for the measurement of behavioural changes over time. Tracking the changes can help you monitor a client's progress.

Career Values Scale

The Career Values Scale is designed to provide an individual with information about what is important in their work or career. It can be used in individual career counselling and planning to structure the exploration of the relative importance of client’s values.

Work personality Index WPI Logo


The Work Personality Index® identifies leadership potential and helps to develop it. It provides the complete picture of the work personality required to select and develop the leaders that will make your business successful.

REsults using Psychometrics' ASSESSMENTS

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alberta government and encana

Leadership Development during times of change in both the public and private sectors.


Extended Care Facilities provider uses the Work Personality Index assessment to help leaders live their values.

major retail chain

The Work Personality Index assessment helps retail organizations improve hiring decisions.