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    Mar 27, 2018    |   Psychometrics Canada

Type Tips for Entrepreneurs

Originally published by OPP, Ltd.

People of any MBTI® type can be successful entrepreneurs – provided that they leverage the entrepreneurial strengths of their type and watch out for the pitfalls. Here we break down the likely strengths, and some development tips, for people with extraverted and introverted dominant functions.

Extraverted Dominant Functions

ACTIVIST (ESTP and ESFP: Extraverted Sensing)

  • Happy to take risks and “go for it”, generally positive and optimistic
  • Seeks out new experiences, people and things
  • Energetic, unlikely to be deterred by a lack of resources

Development tips

  • You can be distracted/bored easily – don’t forget the admin, it does matter
  • Don’t switch off if an important contact bores you
  • Remember where you’re going and what you can learn from the past


EXPLORER (ENFP and ENTP: Extraverted iNtuition)


  • Enjoys meeting new people and building a network
  • Curious, creative, willing to try new approaches and take risks
  • Flexible, adaptable and generally enthusiastic

Development tips

  • Starting a business can be lonely, so keep in contact with other people
  • Apply structure so you can avoid the last-minute rush to finish things
  • Don’t forget that detail, especially financial detail, is important


DIRECTOR (ESTJ and ENTJ: Extraverted Thinking)

  • Persistent, resilient, drives hard to make things happen
  • Enjoys working with, organizing and directing other people
  • Organized, structured, planned and solutions focused

Development tips

  • Avoid alienating people by being less impatient
  • Your way of doing things is not the only way – don’t micromanage
  • You may be unaware of your own faults. Who can be your “critical friend”?


NURTURER (ESFJ and ENFJ: Extraverted Feeling)

  • Caring, supportive, seeks to empower and develop others
  • Likely to have extensive networks that can be drawn upon
  • Organized and persistent

Development tips

  • Don’t let the need for harmony stop you making hard decisions
  • You may find it difficult to work alone, so find other sources of support
  • You will face rejection and criticism, so try not to take it personally

Introverted Dominant Functions

CONSERVER (ISTJ and ISFJ: Introverted Sensing)

  • Structured, organized, detail-conscious, sees quality as important
  • Knowledgeable, can draw on past experience
  • Reliable, hard-working, delivers on schedule

Development tips

  • Remember to try new things, even though you are likely to prefer tested solutions
  • Spend some, but not all, of your time building a network of contacts
  • You may find the uncertainty stressful ­– think how you can set up a “safety net”


VISIONARY (INFJ and INFTJ: Introverted iNtuition)

  • Tenacious, persistent, works hard till the job is done
  • Enjoys creative problem-solving and constructing a vision
  • Can often draw on a high level of personal integrity

Development tips

  • You can struggle to describe your vision – think ahead about how you will do this
  • Self-promotion may sap your energy – how can you do this differently?
  • Don’t over-think the negative possibilities in a situation


ANALYST (ISTP and INTP: Introverted Thinking)

  • Brings a logical, objective focus to problems
  • Flexible, adaptable, open to new ideas or experiences
  • Will often have deep expertise or competence in a specific area

Development tips

  • You may not enjoy networking/self promotion, but try not to avoid it
  • Don’t put off admin for something more interesting or involving
  • Don’t be too internally focused – check what’s happening in the outside world


CONSCIENCE (ISFP and INFP: Introverted Feeling)

  • Strong underlying principles and values
  • Often connects well with others, especially on a one-to-one basis
  • Builds success from a specific skill or knowledge area

Development tips

  • Learn to recognize and stop procrastination, especially to avoid conflict
  • Try to avoid work that opposes your values – it could sap your energy
  • You may dislike networking/marketing – think how to build rapport with individuals

For more information on MBTI type and entrepreneurship, download OPP’s extensive research paper on the subject. Click here to learn more.