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Measures of Verbal and Numerical Ability

The ACER Select Series are quick and easily administered tests of verbal or numerical reasoning. They are suitable for recruiting in a variety of occupations, from sales and clerical, to junior management and graduate selection. They assess general intellectual ability as demonstrated by the ability to see relationships and solve problems in verbal and numerical material.

The General Select is intended for candidates who are applying for technical, clerical, and administrative positions.

The Professional Select is more challenging than the General Select and is appropriate for candidates applying for positions where the work requires a high level of reasoning ability, or where these qualities will become more important as staff are promoted, e.g. graduate recruitment, managerial, or leadership roles.

How can you use the ACER Select Series in your organization?

Employee Selection

The ACER Select ability tests are primarily intended to assist in the selection of job candidates into occupations that involve a moderate to high level of demand on reasoning ability, and for other purposes where the ability to think clearly with words and numbers is involved.

Get Started with the ACER Select Series

The tests do not include tasks that involve non-verbal perceptual material. While the questions require the use of words and numbers, the level of knowledge required (except in the case of the vocabulary items) is within the general knowledge of most people who have completed grade 10.

The ACER General and Professional Select ability tests are available in English and scoring can be completed online (

The General Select contains 34 items; verbal approximately 15 minutes to complete and numerical approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The Professional Select contains 29 items; verbal approximately 15 minutes to complete and numerical approximately 20 minutes to complete.



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