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The latest version of the mbti assessment 

  • Fresh, up-to-date global sample
  • Updated scoring system – the new Probability Index
  • Certified for life
Fresh, up-to-date global sample

This new edition is the result of almost a decade of research with over 16,000 individuals sampled from 20 countries to create a consistent, comparable MBTI® experience across the world. Modern developments in statistical methodologies were used to select and score the items, ensuring that the MBTI® instrument remains accurate, relevant, and fit for the world in which it is being used.

MBTI Global Probability Index New Probability Index Scoring

A new Probability Index shows the statistical likelihood of the respondent getting the same outcome if they took the questionnaire again, and it replaces the Preference Clarity Index. The Probability Index means you can talk with more confident and accuracy about a respondent’s scores, making them even easier to interpret.

Certified for life

The MBTI® Global does not require re-certification and the reports have been designed to closely mirror that of their Form M and Form Q predecessors.