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Deliver an enduring development experience with a single report

The MBTI Personal Impact Report helps facilitate thorough development sessions by applying personalized MBTI type knowledge to eight key development areas:

  1. Work Style
  2. Communication Style
  3. Team Style
  4. Decision-Making Style
  5. Leadership Style
  6. Conflict Style
  7. Approach to Change
  8. Stress Impacts You

mbti personal impact report

MBTI Personal Impact Report Sample

This report has the necessary breadth and depth to reveal individual blind spots, pitfalls and challenges, making it easier to transfer type knowledge into real behaviour

It is a powerful catalyst for comprehensive and long-lasting development. It provides a personalized framework for development that a facilitator can use over several sessions.

When to use:

  • In development programs or coaching scenarios where the focus will be one or more of the eight development areas.
  • To support a user’s personal MBTI Development Journey, where type will be used time and time again to underpin learning
  • To re-engage users who have only basic MBTI type knowledge

How to access:

This report is available to qualified Canadian MBTI practitioners through the online assessment platform.

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