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Strong and MBTI® Career Report

Give your clients a comprehensive career development picture

strong mbti career report This report uniquely integrates detailed job interest information from the Strong Interest Inventory with personality preferences from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® for all clients starting a career, considering a career change, looking for career enrichment, or seeking a better work-life balance. It offers a complete career development picture, based on a combined interpretation of clients’ professional interests and their personality.

The Strong and MBTI® Career Report leverages the latest research on both instruments and combines data gained from analyzing the results of more than 68,000 individuals who have taken the Strong and more than 92,000 individuals who have completed the MBTI assessment.

The Strong and MBTI® Career Report contains

  • Summary of the client’s Strong and MBTI results
  • Personal style and MBTI preferences
  • Combination of Strong themes and MBTI preferences
  • Career fields and occupations suggested by the combined results
  • Additional occupations to explore
  • Career management strategies
  • Successful career exploration and change
  • Action planning and next steps

When to use the Strong and MBTI® Career Report

  • Career planning
  • Career guidance
  • Leadership development
  • Outplacement

How to access the Strong and MBTI® Career Report

This report can be ordered through by qualified practitioners.

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 *In order to generate this report, your client’s four-letter MBTI type must be known.