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Strong Profile and Interpretive Report

Guide your clients’ career planning journey

strong profile interpretive report This report assists your clients through the career exploration process, and helps them achieve greater satisfaction at work and in life. The Strong Profile and Interpretive Report uses colourful graphics to present your client’s results, putting insights at the fingertips of anyone seeking career direction.

This highly personalized report clearly indicates how your clients’ specific interests and preferences link to various jobs, work settings, and career fields. It allows your clients to explore their true interests in order to broaden their career options and chart a plan of action towards fulfilling their career choices.

What the Strong Profile and Interpretive Report contains

  • A copy of the Strong Profile Report
  • Expanded definitions of the six General Occupational Themes, as well as additional career fields and leisure activities, and personal descriptors that characterize satisfied workers in various jobs
  • A list of the top ten occupations potentially most satisfying to your client, providing specific details on the typical work tasks associated with each job, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success

When to use the Strong Profile and Interpretive Report

  • Career development and action planning in professional contexts
  • Career guidance in an educational environment
  • Outplacement

How to access the Strong Profile and Interpretive Report

This report can be ordered through by qualified Strong practitioners.

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