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Strong Profile Report, High School Edition

Help high school students navigate their postsecondary options

strong profile report high school edition This report summarizes occupations and educational programs linked to your students’ interests, incorporating his or her personal work, learning, leadership, and risk-taking style preferences.

The Strong Profile, High School Edition, builds on the power of the Strong Profile Report, adding extra value to your work with high school students. An additional personalized report helps students explore various fields of study; discover satisfying volunteer or summer job opportunities; and examine a wide range of work environments.

Complete with an action plan, this profile offers your students a toolkit for exploring choices and planning for the future.

The Strong Profile, High School Edition contains

  • A copy of the Strong Profile Report
  • Plus two pages of highly personalized information to help your students explore fields of study, volunteer or summer job opportunities, and a wide range of work options

When to use the Strong Profile, High School Edition

  • Career guidance in an educational environment
  • Career development and action planning

How to access the Strong Profile, High School Edition

This report can be ordered through by certified practitioners.

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