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Help Leaders Understand Their Role and Maximize Their Impact

Work Personality Index leadership Report New Insights Remote Work

The Work Personality Index® Leadership Report identifies an individual’s pivotal skills, competencies, and areas for development. This report will help to focus development plans on areas that will see the greatest returns. It also includes exercises that bring it all together – helping you create development action plans that leverage strengths and address pressing needs.

The Work Personality Index® Leadership Report contains

  • Key features of your client’s personal style to help them understand their role as a leader and maximize their impact
  • Graphic summary of your client’s results plus interpretive notes describing the meaning of his or her scores
  • Action strategies to consider for your client’s leadership development

Now Includes Remote Work Insights

Description of the leader’s style and tips for enhancing their leadership when leading dispersed teams.

Feedback in six areas

  • Driving action
  • Involving others and making decisions
  • Building collaborative teams
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Providing guidance
  • Supporting team members

When to use the Work Personality Index® Leadership Report

  • Leadership development
  • Team-building
  • Stress management
  • Change management
  • Decision-making

How to access the Work Personality Index® Leadership Report

This report can be ordered and administered through our online assessment portal,

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