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To demonstrate the differences between types in their attitudes toward change.


30 minutes or more, depending on the discussion of the answers.


Flip-chart paper and overhead or handout with questions.


1. Divide the participants into groups by IS, IN, ES, and EN preferences. Ask the groups to discuss the following questions and write down their answers.
• How do you feel about change?
• How can someone convince you to change or that change is needed?
• How can someone convince you that change is not needed?

2. Ask each group to present its answers. Begin with either the IS group or the EN group, as these two provide the most contrast. Then let the IN group and the ES group present. Discuss the similarities and differences.


The ISs are likely to say that they do not like change. Remind the group that the ISs are the people who are most interested in the traditions of an organization and will protect those traditions. (If it has worked before, it should work again.)

The ENs are likely to say that they love change. They are constantly looking for change and variety, for new ways of doing things. They are oriented toward the outside world.

The ESs share some of the qualities of each of the other groups. They are much less likely to want change than the ENs, but are more willing to change than the ISs.

The INs have a strong sense of the tradition of an organization but are much more willing to change than the ISs.

This exercise is from “Shape Up Your Program! Tips, Teasers & Thoughts for Type Trainers” by Margaret U. Fields & Jean B. Reid is published by CAPT.

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