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Succession Planning Playbook

Improve your succession planning efforts

Discover mistakes organizations make in their succession planning efforts, and how you can harness best practices to excel.

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People Trends 2020

What are the critical key people issues facing organizations today?

We surveyed Human Resource professionals from more than 300 Canadian organizations to explore issues such as leadership, change, conflict, selection and diversity. Their responses highlight a number of key findings – areas that need addressing to continually find success through people.

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personality type and leadership

Execution, Influence, Strategic Thinking and Relationship Building

We recently conducted a survey of 298 MBTI®-certified professionals to explore the relationships between personality type and leadership behaviours. We conducted this survey in order to provide MBTI practitioners with greater insight into the leadership contributions and challenges of different people. We believe this report will prove useful in your work with individual leaders, and will also provide you with a greater understanding of your own leadership journey.

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Control, Opportunity & Leadership

A study of Employee Engagement in the Canadian workplace

We surveyed 368 HR professionals working in Canadian companies. These individuals work in business, government, consulting, education and not-for-profit organizations. As professionals with a great deal of familiarity with employees’ experiences at work, they provide a valuable perspective on workplace engagement.

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Work Personality Index ® and the Emotional Quotient Inventory

This research suggests that aspects of personality and emotional intelligence are closely related, and the strengths of the correlations indicates that you can use the Work Personality Index ® assessment to gain further insight into an individual’s emotional intelligence.

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Feuding and Failure vs. Motivation and Performance

A study of Leadership in the Canadian workplace

Canadian HR professionals provided our research team with a broad and insightful look at the positive influence that leadership has at work, as well as the developmental needs of many of today’s leaders.

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Warring egos, toxic individuals, Feeble Leadership

A study of Conflict in the Canadian workplace

According to our research the most common causes of conflict are warring egos and personality clashes (86%), poor leadership (73%), lack of honesty (67%), stress (64%), and clashing values (59%). Learn tips for turning conflict into positive conclusions.

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An Interbattery Factor Analysis of the Emotional Quotient Inventory and the Work Personality Index

The purpose of the study is to investigate the relationship between EI and personality by means of an interbattery factor analysis conducted with the scales of the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi) and Work Personality Index® assessments.

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ACER Mechanical Reasoning Test Canadian Technical Supplement

Psychometrics has developed Canadian norms for the ACER Mechanical Reasoning Test. This data supplement summarizes score distributions for different subgroups as well as the reliability of the test for a Canadian applicant sample. The Profile Report for the Mechanical Reasoning Test will now be available with Canadian norms through

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® Step II Factorial Validity

This study sought to demonstrate the validity and factor invariance of the MBTI Step II facet scales in English and French.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® in French and English Canada

Our research includes information about type distributions in French and English speaking Canadians. The data is drawn from MBTI assessments taken in Canada, which represents a wide range of organizations both private and public, as well as a large number of small consulting practices.

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Work Personality Index ® Factor Invariance

This study was conducted to examine the factor structure of the Work Personality Index ® assessment cross countries and languages. The similarities between the North American, Australian, South African and French samples were examined by means of factor analysis and congruency coefficients.

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Work Personality Index ® International Norms

Psychometrics and its international partners have developed norms for Australia, South Africa and France. This data supplement analyzes the functions of the scales and the score distributions in these countries.

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Conflict Styles of Men and Women at Six Organization Levels

This study was designed to advance our knowledge of the way conflict styles vary by organization level and gender.

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