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Daily Schedule 8:30am – 5:00pm

Day One

The Basics of Type
Effects of Type Combinations
Understanding and Using the Type Table
Administering the MBTI instrument
Interpreting MBTI Results
Tips and Resources for Using the MBTI Instrument with Teams
Exam for Learning Module One

Day Two

Ethical Reminders and Appropriate Uses of the MBTI instrument
Contracting to Use the MBTI Instrument
Presenting Type Training Proposals to Clients
Exam for Learning Module Two
Creating the Desired Client Mind-Set
Responding to Skeptical Clients: MBTI Construction, Reliability, and
Exam for Learning Module Three

Day Three

Type Dynamics
Type Development
Type and Stress
Exam for Learning Module Four

Day Four

Introduction to Step II
Interpreting Step II Report
Exam for Learning Module Five

In the event you do not pass the exams, an essay retake exam will be sent to you.